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Timepiece Monthly - A Different Kind of Subscription Box

The new watch member community Timepiece Monthly has come a long way since its beginning early this year. It was born out of Alex Fleck and Anthony Jones' passion for watches - the guys were extreme watch enthusiasts. Their passion sparked up when they met on an internet watch trading group.

One late evening while talking about the business, the two minds clicked. Alex is a marketing expert and technology entrepreneur, and Anthony, a worldwide public speaker and financial advisor. With their 50 years of combined business and entrepreneurship experience, they decided to put their expertise together and set up their watch subscription service and global watch community all in one place, and their goal was to build a better watch community.

The guys opened the online platform of Timepiece Monthly in early March 2020, it is custom designed and features unique microbrand watches around the globe, conveniently all in one place.

Timepiece Monthly is a little bit different than other subscription clubs, watch brands are carefully screened and selected; its membership is exceptionally engaged. Through their private Facebook page and the vast audience, members end up trading or selling watches. Timepiece Monthly offers online forum for discussions and exchange of information. The online store allows members to purchase their favorite brands with discount prices. Members can also easily upgrade their membership level.

The popular club with three different levels of subscription now offers watches from 40 microbrand and independent companies. It is connecting watch lovers with independent brands worldwide. The club helps brands to get more exposure through the huge audience that will promote the products they're given in their boxes.

In just a little time of less than a year, Alex and Anthony were able to turn their passion and vision into the leading microbrand watch club. Using a social media platform as an advantage, they could use a combination of strategy and viral comedy to gather a significant following on social media. Now with 1600 members from all over the world, the club is growing steadily fast. The most important thing is their review rating is quite high among members, you can check it out online by yourself. (Photo credit: Brad Johnson)


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