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A Message to Microbrand Watch Community

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Having garnered extensive expertise in the international business consulting industry, I'm excited to announce the creation of the Microbrand Watches Business Association – an industry association that unites microbrand watch owners, collectors, retailers, and enthusiasts alike. Our mission is to foster a thriving community where entrepreneurs can come together to learn, grow, and flourish.

As a valued member of the Microbrand Watches Business Association, you'll gain access to a wealth of invaluable resources and knowledge, specifically tailored to the microbrand watch industry. From expert insights to collaborative opportunities, our association provides a platform for you to expand your horizons and reach new heights in the microbrand world.

Join us now and become a part of a passionate community that shares your love for microbrand watches. Together, we'll forge a path to success, empowering each other and elevating the entire microbrand watch industry. Don't miss this incredible opportunity – be a driving force of innovation and excellence within the Microbrand Watches Business Association!

“You can absolutely create a successful microbrand watch company with limited financial resources. But, the one thing you can’t go without is the support and guidance of your peers.” - Brian Su, co-founder of Sangamon Watches

Contribute Relevant Content

Please feel free to contribute original contents such as news, stories, events and useful information in relate to the microbrand and boutique watch community, guest bloggers are welcome. For priority brand inclusion, please consider to become a member or sponsor or contact us.

Please share this message by clicking social media buttons on the bottom of this page. Start helping this unique business community grow!


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