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A Message to Microbrand Watch Community

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I’ve worked in the international business consulting industry for years and, now that I’ve learned a lot about building our own successful microbrand, I’ve decided to start this online portal as an information clearing house, a place where other entrepreneurs in the microbrand watch community and industry can come together to learn and grow together. You are encouraged to become a Community Sponsor for Exclusive Access to much more insightful resources and information, as well as business promotional opportunities.

“You can absolutely create a successful microbrand watch company with limited financial resources. But, the one thing you can’t go without is the support and guidance of your peers.” - Brian Su, co-founder of Sangamon Watches

Contribute Relevant Content

Please feel free to contribute original contents such as news, stories, events and useful information in relate to the microbrand and boutique watch community, guest bloggers are welcome. For priority brand inclusion, please consider to become our sponsor or contact us.

Please share this message by clicking social media buttons on the bottom of this page. Start helping this unique business portal grow!

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