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From Watch Fan to Watchmaker: Meet Michael Poleschuk, the Young Mind Behind MPC Watches

Horology's allure can strike at any age, and for Michael Poleschuk, a watch enthusiast from Georgia, USA, that spark ignited early. Growing up surrounded by mechanical marvels – cars, planes, and of course, watches – Michael's fascination with timepieces only grew stronger.

But a frustrating experience while trying to acquire a watch for himself a few years ago became the catalyst for something extraordinary. The impersonal nature of the traditional watch market, with its limited options and "gatekeeper" attitudes, left Michael wanting more. It was then that the seed of an idea was planted – the idea of building a watch brand that prioritized not just quality craftsmanship, but exceptional customer connection.

Thus, MPC Watches was born. Driven by a passion for horology and a desire to create a more welcoming experience for watch enthusiasts, Michael embarked on a challenging journey. He honed his skills, meticulously designing and assembling each timepiece himself. MPC's commitment to quality shines through in their rigorous testing procedures, ensuring every watch meets the highest standards of accuracy, even exceeding COSC certification.

The debut of the MPC Club Series marks the culmination of Michael's dedication and perseverance. Each watch in this inaugural collection embodies the spirit of resilience and rebirth, symbolized by the powerful club symbol (♣️). It's a testament to Michael's vision and a warm invitation for watch lovers to "join the club" – a community built on shared passion and appreciation for exceptional timepieces.

Michael's story is a testament to the power of following your passion and the importance of customer-centricity. With MPC Watches, he's not just building timepieces; he's building a brand that fosters a connection with watch enthusiasts, one meticulously crafted watch at a time.

This week on the MWBA blog, we're thrilled to feature Michael Poleschuk, the founder of MPC Watches! Michael's story is one of passion, perseverance, and a desire to create exceptional timepieces with a focus on customer connection. Let's dive into his journey from watch enthusiast to watchmaker, and discover the inspiration behind his first creation, the Club Series. Microbrand Watches Business Association (MWBA): Welcome, Michael! Tell us about the inspiration behind your first MPC watch, the Club Series.

Michael Poleschuk (MPC): Thank you for having me! The Club Series is a tribute to classic watch design. Ever since I began my horology journey, I've been fascinated by guilloche. The dial features this beautiful Clou De Paris pattern in the center, contrasted with a wave-like motif on the outer edge.

MWBA: What sets MPC apart from other watch brands?

MPC: My focus is on exceptional quality and customer connection. Each Club Series watch is a time-only masterpiece, featuring a top-grade ETA-2892-A2 movement housed in a premium 39mm German case. The watches come with stunning exhibition case backs, full-grain lizard leather straps, and engraved butterfly clasps. Everything is meticulously crafted to the highest standards.

MWBA: Launching a watch brand is no small feat. What were the biggest challenges you faced?

MPC:  Learning where to find reliable suppliers and navigating the business setup process were the biggest hurdles. While I have experience assembling watches, each MPC watch is hand-built by me alone. Thankfully, my family has some business experience, but the overall process was time-consuming.

MWBA: What advice would you give to aspiring watchmakers with brand-building dreams?

MPC: I would definitely say go for it! It has been one of the best and most enjoyable things I’ve ever done, and I don’t regret doing it one bit.  Although I would say for sure to really plan it very well. Have an idea of what you want to execute and search to find people who can help to make it happen because there’s almost no way you can do it all yourself. Networking with people who aren’t suppliers is another big thing (and very fun for me at least) but that comes once you have your product ready to sell. Overall, I’d say be confident in your product and find your niche. 

MWBA: Can you share your vision for the future of MPC Watches?

MPC: My mission for MPC will almost always stay the same. Deliver an exceptionally finished product with superb service that you can’t get elsewhere with big brands. As for my aspirations on the watch side of things, I definitely hope for evolution. Higher quality components with every new watch and definitely more complications! I am a sucker for complications so chronographs, GMT’s/world timers, and hopefully even tourbillons are all complications I’d like to incorporate into my watches. Those along with other specs you don’t see utilized often such as micro-rotors and  unique dial designs are also being considered. Ideally in the future, I’d love to make my own in-house movement. Preferably something that has never been done before but allows me to offer the watches at a reasonable price point. 

MWBA: Thank you, Michael, for sharing your passion and entrepreneurial spirit with our readers! We look forward to seeing what the future holds for MPC Watches.

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