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Honoring Heroes: Introducing the 'Never Forgotten' Freedom Series Special Edition Timepiece

At Sangamon Watches, the craft goes beyond measuring time; it's about narrating timeless stories. The 'Never Forgotten' Freedom Series Special Edition is the company's newest creation, standing as an ode to courage and sacrifice, encapsulating an enduring tale in the language of minutes and hours.

This unique collection pays a silent tribute to those Missing in Action (MIA) and Prisoners of War (POW), heroes who braved unthinkable odds for our freedom. Often, their stories are lost in the pages of history, but with this timepiece, they're brought to the forefront, etched in time as a constant reminder that they are "Never Forgotten."

The 'Never Forgotten' watch speaks volumes through subtle details. Its resilient casing mirrors the strength of our heroes, while the black and white dial illustrates the dark days that these warriors and their families have endured. The case back, bearing the engraving of three soldiers, serves as a poignant salute to their unity and shared sacrifice. Thoughtfully designed with unique dials for both right-handed and left-handed individuals, every tick of the hands is a nod to courage and valor.

This series transcends mere functionality; it's a heartfelt tribute from a grateful nation and a tangible token of remembrance. Before its public unveiling this summer, several of these timeless mementos have been gifted to families of MIAs and POWs, their gratitude and emotion reaffirming the mission that goes beyond crafting watches – it's about creating memories and honoring legacies.

As the public release of the 'Never Forgotten' Special Edition approaches, watch enthusiasts and collectors are invited to join this profound journey. Subscribing to the email list at will keep everyone connected to the progress.

The 'Never Forgotten' series holds a unique distinction: it's not available for sale. Exclusively designed, produced, and distributed for military families with POWs and MIAs, the aim is to reach these deserving families with the assistance of the watch community. If you know a family that should be part of this exceptional tribute, please guide them to contact website. Together, the mission is to ensure that the legacy of these brave heroes is indeed "Never Forgotten."


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