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Mitchell Timepieces, Aviation Inspired!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Mitchell Timepieces is dedicated to creating aviation inspired timepieces with mechanical movements. This is a microbrand watch company in established by an US Air Force veteran in Arizona.

Mitchell Timepieces by a USAF veteran that has a deep passion for watches, veterans and aircraft. The goal is to honor heroes past and present through our timepieces. While we label ourselves a Pilot brand, we offer aviation inspired pieces as well. Our pilot watches will feature aspects of both historic and modern designs, bringing our take on the modern pilots while tying in inspiration from various military aircraft. The ultimate goal through our brand is to help make a positive impact on military veterans' lives through donating part of our profits to various charities.

“I want this to be a tribute to the men and women I served with. Sure I am American so that to me means United States Air Force, but it represents a bigger picture, men and women that stand up and say "Yes I will risk my life for a greater cause." I am honoring them whether they are in Phoenix, Arizona or Sidney Australia. ” - Brad McCallister

All watches by Mitchell Timepieces are individually assembled by passionate skilled craftsmen with the goal of producing a quality timepiece for you to enjoy for years to come.  All pieces are made in small numbers and  individually numbered.


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