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Profile: Sangamon Watches - Sharing History through Timepiece

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Our journey began long before we started Sangamon. It all started with a simple vision - turned dream - to now an imprinted stamp in the footprints of time.

We are the Sangamon Watch Company, and we are deeply embedded with history.

Named after the well-known Sangamon River in Central Illinois, this history-rich landmark was journeyed during the days of the American old by Abraham Lincoln, whose kin lived alongside the river while he was a young budding man ascending his way towards the figure he was destined to become. The region alone was a proud home to one of the most exquisite American watchmakers of the century - The Illinois Watch Company.

“ We’ve created a unique branding story, based on the rich history of this area, and are able to come to market with a product appealing both to those familiar with that history and to hard-core watch collectors around the world.” - Tyler McKay

With over six decades of revolutionizing the watch industry, producing well-over six million watches for the country alone, and with an impressive platoon of over 1,200 employees, they were a trailblazing pioneer in the world of classic timepieces.

At Sangamon Watch Company, we plan on continuing that legacy.

Our artisan watches began their first dates of origin in America’s Heartland formed from the vision of two business travelers.

During their gusty travels around the world, these two men realized they wanted to combine their passions of history with their love for refined, high-quality watches to create something no one has ever seen before.

With their penchant for business, these two designed the Sangamon brand to pride itself on its dedication to quality, on continuously improving its wears, and adamancy upon delivering enduring excellence to its loyal customers, time and time again.

The brand’s most unique quality, however, remains how they’ve formulaically structured a deeply intense meaning behind every watch’s design by choosing to reflect in them American culture, stories, and geography.

Our Timepiece Wears

Each Sangamon watch is handcrafted to refined brilliance. These are the timepieces that has been encapsulated generation after generation, a piece of history known to never be forgotten. Made with care, elegance, and tradition, our watches proudly encase the independent American spirit with fiery zeal.

Having journeyed to the furthest edges of the world, sailing through the tempestuous seas, conquering the wild wilderness, and soaring up high towards the great alpines - Every Sangamon watch has a unique, one-of-kind story that can’t be found anywhere else.

We’re more than just a fashion accessory, we’re legacies that has become a piece of history, telling our own tales from the past and enlivening them into the future.


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