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China's MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong Loves Microbrand Watch

The Omaha Beach Collection of Sangamon Watches is well-liked by Xu Xiaodong, the most well known Chinese MMA fighter. He sent in the photos from his home in Beijing China. Xu Xiaodong has been considered the pioneer of MMA in China and is known for exposing and fighting apparently fraudulent and so-called Kungfu and Taichi masters in China. He gained prominence on the Internet after he was filmed defeating self-proclaimed Tai Chi master Wei Lei (Lei Lei) in 2017.

Xiaodong loves the black dial Omaha Beach Collection watch of Freedom Series by Sangamon Watch Company. We hope that he keeps up his fighting spirit and visits the US soon. Xu Xiaodong has his own Chinese language YouTube channel called Brother Dong's Hot Takes, consisting of talk show style monologues, largely about MMA and his own experiences in China. He records the daily show in Beijing, and his friend in the US help to upload it. Most of his audience are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries, or are Chinese firewall jumpers inside China.


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