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Sangamon Watches to Introduce Clara Harlowe Barton Collection in 2021

Sangamon Watch Company is planning to introduce The Clara Harlowe Barton Collection woman watch in Spring 2021. Clara Harlowe Barton is one of America’s greatest heroes and a champion for progressing women’s rights during the 19th century. Barton is famously known for founding the American Red Cross.

According to Tyler McKay, CEO of Sangamon Watch Company in Springfield, Illinois, Clara Harlowe Barton Collection is a tribute to one of America’s greatest humanitarians through Barton’s devotion of helping others from being a nurse in the Civil War to the creation of the American Red Cross. The Clara Harlowe Barton Collection is part of the Spirit Series, which represents an awakening of your soul. The Spirit Series creates an intense feeling of pride and is an icon for Americana.

The collection's specifications and pricing information have not been released. Website:

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